E-Monitor & E-Alert

Jul 14, 2022

We would like to share the following useful services from the Land Registry and the Companies Registry to protect the interests of your properties and/or your companies. If there are any filing/irregularities changes, you will be notified through the E-Alert or E-Monitor respectively.

1. E-Monitor of Companies Registry

e-Monitor service provides users of the e-Registry with an effective and convenient means to keep track of the filing records of a company. Electronic notifications will be sent to the relevant Company User and subscriber(s) instantly when a document is registered by the Companies Registry in the public records of a company. For more details of the Service, please refer to the Service Leaflet here : https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/publications/docs/31-e.pdf

2. E-Alert of Land Registry

It is a notification service for subscription by property owners to monitor if any instrument has been lodged for registration against the land registers of their own properties. During the subscription period, when an instrument is lodged for registration against a relevant property, an email notification will be sent to the owner if he/she has subscribed to the service. It facilitates owners to detect as soon as possible if any unexpected or suspicious instruments delivered for registration against their properties so that they can take prompt and appropriate actions.

Members of the public who wish to subscribe to the Property Alert service can download the application form from the LR's website (www.landreg.gov.hk) or obtain the application form at following LR's offices. The completed form should be mailed or submitted to any one of the offices.

For more details of the Service, please refer to the Service Leaflet here:

Thank you for your attention!