5 December 2023: Foreign Currency Trend & Visit to Hang Seng Bank

Nov 11, 2023

AWAHK is delighted to extend an invitation to Mr. Mark Wan (溫灼培先生), the Chief Market Strategist of Hang Seng Investment Services, to enlighten us with his insights on the market outlook with emphasis on foreign currency trends. Joining him are his esteemed colleagues, Henry Tse and Severina Cheng, who will provide a comprehensive overview of cash management services, accounting openings, and digital services, this opportunity is sure to provide valuable information and analysis on this pertinent topic.

Highlights of this Webinar

Speaker Topic
Mark Wan
Chief Market Strategist
Hang Seng Bank Limited - CIO office and investment advisory
Henry Tse
Senior Vice President
Global Payment Solutions
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Hang Seng Cash Management Service Introduction
- Digital solutions
- Collection services
- Payments services
- Online banking functions
Severina Cheng
Senior Vice President & Senior Business Banking Center Manager
Hang Seng Bank Limited
HASE Sharing on Account Opening and Digital Services
- Biz Virtual+ vs. Integrated Business Solutions Account
- Offers for opening an Integrated Business Solutions Account and Checklist