22 April & 6 May 2022 Accountants, WeCare Rerun

Apr 12, 2022

Accountants, WeCare Rerun

In view of the overwhelming demands and the extreme pressure faced by our members during these two months, we decided to have immediate rerun for the Accountants WeCare session which was originally held on March 31. For those who have registered in the original session, we will transfer their names to the new Rerun session and have already informed the registered members.

We still have a small number of seats available. If you wish to join the rerun session, please find the information as follows:

Date 日期 : 2022年4月22日( Thursday星期 五 )

Topic 題目 : 疫中尋序:恐慌中的進退之道

Speaker 講師 : Ms. Shirley Loo BBS MH JP 羅乃萱女士 , 家庭發展基金有限公司總幹事

Time 時間 : 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

(Please click to enroll 報名請按此 鏈結 )

Date 日期 : 2022年5月6日(星期 五 )

Topic 題目 : 疫地宜處

Speaker 講師: Dr. Wong-Ip Susanna C.P. 黃葉仲萍博士 , 宏恩基督學院,心理學系署理系主任 香港專業輔導協會督導及副院士

Time 時間: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

(Please click to enroll 報名請按此鏈結)

Mode: Zoom webinar

Language : Cantonese

Fee : Free of charge for members or students of Organizers and Co-organizers

Confirmation email or rejection email will be sent to you 3 working days before the webinar.

For any inquiries, please email to acawecare@gmail.com or call 9305 9551 (Elsa Hung) or 2522 7605 (Elizabeth Law).